June 22, 2021

Top 3 Tips To Turn Your Newsletter Into a Revenue-Generating Machine (and take back your relationship with your audience/subscribers)

Top 3 Tips To Turn Your Newsletter Into a Revenue-Generating Machine (and take back your relationship with your audience/subscribers)

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  1. Get your data in order
    What data do you really need? Do you need a subscriber's name? Probably not. Their location? That might be relevant. How about the engagement data (e.g. what they click on in the newsletter)? That may be enormously helpful—and you can anonymize that data.

    Don't collect data you don’t actually need. Be frank and transparent with your subscribers about what data you collect and how you use it. Anonymize the data that you’re using (be sure there’s absolutely no personally-identifiable information). Compile it (spreadsheets work) and analyze it to see what kind of patterns emerge.

  2. Learn from the data you collect
    Get to know your audience better. What kinds of things are they interested in? Are there certain days and time of delivery that work better? What happens when you switch things up in your newsletter (lots of text vs. little text, use of photos and video, subject headings, etc.)?

    Is your audience open to advertising, sponsorship, or are they willing to pay a subscription fee to receive your newsletter? Ask them!

    Help your subscribers find what they’re looking for — and delight them by suggesting content they didn’t even know they were interested in.

    At Vubble, we use machine learning to automate curation, to find patterns and make superb recommendations from our vast library of the world’s best video. It saves our subscribers from being deluged with too much information, and our machine gets smarter with every click (or non-click).

  3. Create a monetization strategy
    Smart data collection and analysis enables you to constantly learn about your subscribers' content preferences and interests—the most important first party data for ad and sponsorship targeting.

    - Meet with your organization’s sales team to talk about ad targeting.

    - Don't have a sales team? No problem! It's never been easier to place your own call for ads in your newsletter.

    - Feel more comfortable going the sponsorship route? Reach out to your existing sponsors, or pitch your newsletter to new sponsors looking to help fund the creation of more great content.

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